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Tutoriel 3 : Manipulating objects


To switch from wireframe to shading.

Here we're going to create a box, just push space, this calls a menu that contains all the top bar menus.
Select Add/Mesh/Cube, a box appears in the center of your view.(or where your target is).

Turn around and zoom in.
You can see it's in edit mode, to deselect this mode press the small triangle or the key tab.

Now create a sphere (Add/Mesh/uvsphere, ok,ok), switch to non edit mode(tab).
To select an object use the right button. If you want to add others just hold shift while you right click.
You can also press b, it allows you to selct many objects at the same time (left button) or deselect (right button).

To move an object press g, use the left button to validate your move or the right one to cancel.

To rotate an object use r.
These buttons allow you to choose the center of the rotation.

To scale an object press the key s. As for the g key use the left button to validate your scaling.
If you use s and x then you can mirror your object.

Finally the key n allows you to change your object by entering its coordinates on the keyboard (more precise).

Tutorial 4 : Text