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Go and check the official ressource page, it's a must see if you're beginner like me.
It's got everything : tutorials, textures, models, goodies etc...

Tripping The rift, a short movie with a clear star wars/star trek inspiration, it's well done and very funny.
The second episode is coming soon.

This way !

My first attempts at subsurf and metaballs modelling.

Welcome on this new website dedicated to Blender and the 3D universe ! :-)
I am a graphic designer and just started to learn Blender, in order to motivate and help myself a little I decided to share the knowledge I will acquire here and there.
Why Blender? Because it's free and really powerful, and its creators keep on developing it, therefore there's still a lot to be surprised with.

Download it, try it, it's free and really interesting.

You can also visit my personnal website : here.

There's 5 tutorials by now, here are the first ones :

- First impression
- Let's start
- Changing the view
- Manipulating objects