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My first hour with Blender.

In order to share my learning and the knowledge that goes with it, i sum up my first hour using Blender.
First of all, here is the result of this first approach :

Very nice isn't it ?
No no it's not the last NASA plane, it's just the result of my first tests. For my defense i'd say i didn't try to build something concrete (you're kidding !), i just experimented to try this amazing "one floppy disk" software.
Frankly when i started it i didn't know where i had ended up, being quite familiar with a few graphic softwares here i have to admit that the design and different windows confused me, i can even say that i almost got scared ! There's a lot of buttons (easily a hundred), and the main color is dark gray (it's calming for the eyes but not really funky you have to admit), and most of all you really don't know where and how to start. Luckily i was armed with the official guide which is colorful and quite nice and easy to read, it also has the great idea to start with a quickstart tutorial (do this, do that, and without noticing you do a quick tour of the basic functions, it's a bit the purpose of this site by the way). So i did this tutorial and understood quite quickly how this software worked, and finally i can say it doesn't give a headache as i first thought. Then i experimented a few buttons on my own to try to understand them and i came up with this great piece of art. And finally i turned it off because the headache had started to show up...
To conclude, i'd say that Blender gave me a good first impression, for a free suite of 3D creation tools it seems quite powerful and therefore deserves our attention. It's true that it's got too many buttons, (especially when you know that everything can be done through the keyboard), it's also true that it's not really intuitive and that you probably need many hours of use behind you to be able to produce something ok, but this goes for almost every 2D and 3D packages, by the way people who handle these softwares are often professionnals and consequently make a living out of it (i point this out for the true beginners in graphic softwares).
So i decided to keep on my training and that's good otherwise this site wouldn't exist... ;-)

Tutorial 1 : let's start